Finding a Referee Training Course on

We realize that finding a referee training course that fits your schedule is not always easy. Fortunately, the Greater Los Angeles Area is home to numerous AYSO regions, and you’re welcome to attend referee training courses at clinics hosted by other regions as well as our own Region 20. If there’s a cost, we’ll pay your way. We’ll even pay your mileage costs at the AYSO-approved rate.

For 2017, AYSO National has created a new website for on-line learning resources called AYSOU. It gathers in one place resources that had been spread over several sites. But it is still being developed and does not yet have all the features it will need. As of August 2017, it does not have a feature to let you search for a course roster. Follow the instructions below for finding a course, and enroll in the one that best suits your schedule.

1. Go to
2. Log in using the e-mail and password you used to register in
3. Once logged in as a volunteer click on “Live Courses”.
4. Under the calendar on the left, click on the date of the course you wish to take, if you know it. If not, click on “Show All”.
5. All courses offered will appear in the window on the right. Search for the course you wish to take (for example, “Regional Referee Online Companion Course”.) You can scroll down or search for its name using your browser’s search function.
6. Click on “Sessions” for the course you wish to take.
7. A new page will open with all of the sessions offered for that course. (Note that it provides all sessions, not just the one offered on the date you selected.) Find the session you want to attend.
8. Click on “Register” for your course.

Also note that many classes are “two-part” so you may need to return to the list and select the second part. Some courses also have on-line components, including Safe Haven and the CDC concussion awareness training. Be sure to complete those as well.