Referees–Fall Season

Fall 2019–It’s right around the corner–We (will) Need You!!!

As you probably know, AYSO is built on the concept of volunteering and one of the most important roles that need to be filled is that of the Referee and Assistant Referees.  Many of you have no experience with the game of soccer but don’t let that stop you!  Learning how to referee is easy.  Note: We are also trying to boost our numbers of female referees to help serve as great role models for the Kids (so don’t shy away from volunteering to be a referee, ladies!).

If you are NEW to AYSO, and are going to referee, there is just a little “pre-season” work to do:

  • Register as a “New Volunteer” with National AYSO
  • Register as a Volunteer Referee with Santa Monica AYSO
  • Take the on-line CDC Concussion Awareness and SafeHaven modules. You only have to take the CDC and SafeHaven modules once, as long as you took them in 2011 or later. These can be found at  (and you access them by logging in with your eayso email address and password).

If you are RETURNING to AYSO for another great season, and are going to referee, your preseason work includes:

  • Re-registering with eAYSO again (assuming you were a volunteer and registered with eAYSO last season). This has to be done every year for volunteers working directly with the Kids (like referees, coaches, team managers, etc.).
  • Take the CDC Concussion and SafeHaven modules if you took them before 2011.
  • Take a referee course if you are not certified yet.
  • Maybe take an Intermediate or Advanced course to bring you to the next level of Referee Certification (?!!!). Please consider upgrading.

Regional (Basic), Intermediate, and Advanced Referee Classes Offered!!!

Please go to to sign up for classes (but first you must have registered as a volunteer referee with eAYSO and Santa Monica AYSO) offered right here in Santa Monica for the Regional, Intermediate, or Advanced Referee courses!  They are free to Region 20 AYSO families!

Each Team Needs Referee Volunteers

Each team should try and recruit at least three (3) volunteer referees to keep the referee pool growing, ensure there are enough referees to work the games all season long, and share the workload.  Each team in 10U-14U divisions need to earn 15 volunteer “points” in order to advance in the Regional Playoffs.  (See “Referee Volunteer Points Program” on the website.) The more referees a team can recruit, the easier it is to earn the required referee points for the 10U-14U divisions.

5U-7U Age Divisions:  Learning how to “Referee” the youngest divisions (5U-7U) only takes one morning of “instruction” on Opening Day Referee Orientation.  At these levels it basically boils down to blowing the whistle to start and stop the game, mixed in with little friendly reminders on how to keep the game safe for the kids, and also how to get the play going again when the ball goes out of play (out of bounds).  We are striving for one adult volunteer per family to participate in officiating–so please plan on coming out for the Opening Day Referee Orientation, on September xxth, 7:30-8:30AM.  Stay tuned for e-mails and announcements for more information.  You will receive a quick lesson on how to manage the younger games (plus a fashionable new yellow referee t-shirt, hat and whistle).  It’s so easy and fun, plus you get to be out there on the field with the Kids!

8U and Older Divisions:  Learning to referee the older divisions (8U and above) takes a little more time including either a 1-day “Regional Referee course” OR an on-line component plus a short in-class “Regional Referee OnLine Companion course.”  Please go to the list of upcoming courses listed on the “Upcoming Referee Training Course Schedule” link.

Remember, as your child moves up through the older age divisions, every team they play on will need volunteer parent referees that hopefully have been “upgrading” along the way ( from Regional Ref to Intermediate to Advanced) to learn the nuances of officiating the older players!!!   Everybody starts with the “Regional Referee” certification and this is necessary for refereeing all 9U/10U games. After getting a little experience as a “Regional Referee” you will then be ready for the “Intermediate” certification needed for 12U.  After that you will probably  be so hooked on refereeing that you get yourself prepared to do the 14U games with an upgrade to “Advanced” certification. We hope you do!


We will have more experienced Referees wandering the fields during the opening weeks of the Fall season who will be available to answer questions and provide guidance and support.  Look for these knowledgeable and helpful Referees (in their distinctive red jerseys) if you have any questions about the fine art of refereeing.

“Build Out Line”–Changes for 2018!!!

Please take a look at this updated video from Area 1P that describes the BOL. There are some NEW changes for 2018/19 for the 9U/10U Divisions with regard to the ‘Build Out Line’ (BOL).


At 9U and above, you CANNOT Referee your own child’s game.  If you have signed up for these referee slots, your assignment will be removed.

Scheduling Rules and Guidelines Summary:

  1. If your child is on the HOME team on any given weekend (listed first on the schedule), then you can/should sign up for the game immediately prior to your child’s team game on that same field.
  2. If your child is on the Home team playing on the first game of the day on a particular field, then you should sign up for the last game of the day.  (I know this hurts, but that’s just the way has to go.)

We ask that parent referee volunteers that are supposed to sign up for their appropriate time slot do so by Monday morning at 9AM for the next weekend’s game.  If your child is not on the team that is supposed to be providing those referees, please do not sign up for that weekend’s game before 9AM Monday.  We want to give those parents the chance to sign up so they can start “earning points” for their child’s team (more on this later).  Any open slots for the coming weekend’s games may be taken after 9AM Monday, by any qualified/certified Referee–again, this is from Monday 9AM onward for that next weekend’s games.

Note: Anyone who signs up for the “wrong” slot (accidents happen, plus it takes a while to figure out “the system”) will be removed from the schedule for that game. Please remember to double-check the referee schedule later in the week to confirm that you are indeed scheduled for that particular game. You may have been “bumped”  and the slot belongs to someone else. I apologize in advance for mistakes that may happen early in the season as we fine-tune “the system.”

Self-Scheduling Problems

When the season gets going, some of you may encounter issues with seeing 8U/9U and older games.  If so, please contact us so that we can look into the issue.  There have been many changes at AYSO’s National office with how certifications were handled, so this may be the cause.

Reasons that you may not be able to schedule include:  Not Registered Completely or Registered Incorrectly

All volunteer referees must be registered (or-re-register) with eAYSO. This needs to be done every year. A lot of Referees may be pending eAYSO “MY2018” registration, and are categorized as an “Applicant.”  This is ok, just as long as you’ve applied.  By week #3 into the Fall season, if you have not completed Registration, then you may not be able to self schedule.  Please make sure therefore, to complete your registration/re-registration at     

Make sure to complete all the steps in the application, including submitting after  entering your “e-signature”

Build Out Line–Changes for 2018!!!

For the updated BOL video, refer to the following link:

Thank you everyone for all your support in becoming Volunteer Referees. We are looking forward to a great Fall season.

Play On!