Verbal Cues

By popular demand, following is a list of verbal cues your players should be familiar with. They are brief, easy to understand signals soccer players use to communicate and direct play during game situations.  Go over these terms with your players so they will understand them and begin to shout them out during practices and games. 

Remember, Silent Saturday is coming up -- your kids are going to have to be able to communicate with each other since you'll be dummying up!
Time – don’t rush a kick; you have time to look around and pass
Drop – run backwards, with your eyes on the ball, to set up the defense
Turn – you are clear to turn and dribble
Man On! – opposing player closing in; pass or protect the ball
Numbers Up – we have an advantage; move toward the opposing goal
Same – don't interfere with your teammate
Open Up – run to an open space for a pass
Goal side – get between the ball and our goal
Look Square – pass to the teammate even with you
Trailing – teammate following behind you for support
Keeper! – goalkeeper's ball; let him/her get it
Overlap – coming around from behind you, looking for a pass
Wing or Line – send the ball out to a teammate on the touch line

Mark Up – step up to defend an open opposing attacker (especially during a corner kick)

Away! – clear the ball from in front of our goal
Pressure – defenders move up toward the half line
Settle – relax, there’s no one on you, start a new play
Cross – send the ball in front of the opposing goal from the wing
Carry – the way is open; run with the ball yourself
Switch – cross the ball to the opposite side of the field
Eyes – pick your head up and look around
Close – step up to delay an attacking player