Turkey Tournament Games This Weekend

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Mon, 11/29/2010

We have 20 Turkey Tournament Teams from divisions U10, U12, U14 & U16 participating in Thanksgiving Tournaments.  All teams will be in one of two tournaments in Pasadena, so if you find yourself doing your Black Friday weekend shopping in Old Town Pasadena, swing by and cheer on your fellow Santa Monica “Saints”.  Team lists & Tournament locations can be found on the Turkey Tournament page under the Fall 2010 tab.

If you are attending a tournament as a coach, player, parent or spectator, remember that good sportsmanship is essential at all times.  You are representing Santa Monica AYSO’s best.  Tournament organizers have long memories and troublesome teams and regions can be left on the sidelines in future seasons.  Shouting at players or refs sets a bad example for kids and will not be tolerated.

Parents, please don’t coach your children from the sidelines. For obvious reasons, this makes the work of both the coach and the players more difficult.  On the other hand, cheering, jumping up and down, clapping and other general positive support are strongly recommended.  This encouragement makes the kids feel good about themselves and what they’re doing, win or lose.
Read AYSO’s Sideline Etiquette on the Game Documents/Info page under the Managers tab.

Finally, please extend a thank you to your referee team this weekend.  We are lucky to have all of our teams in these two tournaments (first time ever), due in a large part to our ability to provide referees for the tournament.  We wouldn’t be there without them.  Let them know you appreciate them.