EXTRA Tryout Schedule

We are in the midst of our region’s 6th year of running an EXTRA team program. The EXTRA program is AYSO’s answer to those players and families who want a more competitive, cohesive soccer experience than the regular Fall and Spring programs.  Teams are chosen from a series of tryouts and stay together for approximately ten months between August 2017 and June 2018.

At this time, tryouts will be held for boys and girls in the following age groups:  9U (2009), 10U (2008), 11U (2007), 12U (2006), 13U (2005), 14U (2004) depending on the interest and viability of forming a team.  The first two tryout dates are open to all players.  We will also hold a third and fourth, call-back-only tryout for selected players.


OPEN TRYOUTS for 2017/18

1st tryout date:  Sunday, March 5:  Location: JAMS -- 16th & Ocean Park

  • Boys 9U (2009), 10U (2008), 11U (2007), 12U (2006) eligible players
         Sign In: 12:30 - 1pm;  Tryouts: 1-3pm  (Goal Keeper tryout: 3 - 3:30)
  • Girls 9U (2009), 10U (2008), 11U (2007), 12U (2006) eligible players
         Sign In:  2:15 - 3pm;  Tryouts: 3-5pm  (Goal Keeper tryout: 5 - 5:30)
  • Boys & Girls, 13U (2005), 14U (2004) eligible players
         Sign In:  4:30 - 5pm;  Tryouts: 5 - 7pm  (Goal Keeper tryout included in this time)


2nd tryout date:  Wednesday, March 8  Location: Penmar Rec Center -- 1341 Lake Street, 90291

  • Boys & Girls 9U (2009), 10U (2008), 11U (2007) eligible players
         Sign In:   5:15 - 5:45;  Tryouts 6 - 7:30 pm.
  • Boys & Girls 12U (2006), 13U (2005), 14U (2004) eligible players
         Sign In:   6:30 - 7:15;  Tryouts 7:30 - 9pm.



  • GIRLS:  Wednesday, March 15  
         LOCATION:  JAMS
              2009, 2008, 2007, 2006:  5:00 - 7:00pm
              2005, 2004:  6:30-8:45pm 
  • BOYS:  Monday, March 20
         LOCATION:  JAMS
              2009, 2008, 2007:  5:00 - 7:00pm
              2006, 2005:  6:30-8:45pm 

It is required to attend at least one open session, and will be beneficial to attend both.  Players who are called back should make every effort to attend the call-back tryout.

Our region and others that have participated in the EXTRA program have found it to be an outstanding alternative to club soccer while still incorporating the AYSO philosophies of 3/4 minimum playing time, good sportsmanship, player development, and positive coaching.  The focus will continue to be on your child’s development, rather than the team’s win-loss record.  Additionally, the fee is substantially less than most club programs, though a bit more than the AYSO CORE program.  (Financial aid is available to those in need.)

The EXTRA season will run from approximately mid-August 2017 to June 2018.  Your child is expected to commit to the team as her/his top extra-curricular priority for the entire season.

Tryouts are open to all players who are registered for the upcoming Fall 2017 season. (You’ll be able to register for Fall and Extra tryouts at the same time.)  Please note that EXTRA is a highly competitive program.  To avoid undue disappointment for the majority of players who will not make a team, we ask that families have realistic expectations regarding the chances of making an EXTRA team and plan accordingly.  Although we will not turn away any player who wishes to tryout, we ask that parents and players take into consideration that only one EXTRA team is formed in each division.

If you have questions regarding the EXTRA program please contact the Region 20 EXTRA Chairperson, Matt Jones at extrachair@ayso20.org.