Top 10 List for an Enjoyable Season

A few reminders to help everyone enjoy the season:

1. The game is for the KIDS. Let's all be positive and encourage our children to do their best and to have fun. Our example is their best teacher.

2. Our coaches and referees are all volunteers and trying to do their best. AYSO rules and the FIFA laws of the game do not allow for dissent. Please respect the game. It is unacceptable to disagree or argue calls made by referees on the field.

3. Only Coaches should be coaching players during a soccer match. Our coaches have spent many hours completing coach certification courses, coaching clinics and Safe Haven training. Parent coaching leads to confusion and distracts players from enjoying the experience.
Players play, Coaches coach, Referees referee, and Parents cheer!

4. Spectators. Parents and other spectators must sit on the side of the field that their team is assigned; home team on the North or West side and visiting team on the other. (The home team is the first team listed on the schedule). All spectators should remain in the center third of the field's sideline between the penalty boxes and at least 2 yards off the touchline. Our grass fields have a blue spectator line to help with this.

5. NO pets of any kind are allowed at the fields. No smoking or alcohol allowed at the fields. This is a health and safety issue as well as condition of our field permit with the City of Santa Monica, regardless of what the individual park policy may be.

6. Only water allowed on the artificial turf fields. These fields cannot be cleaned, so the City of Santa Monica allows only water to be brought onto the artificial turf. City Monitors patrol the turf fields (at our cost) and violations will jeopardize our opportunity to use these great fields. Please consume any snacks, gum or other drinks off the turf.

7. Respect our neighbors. All of our fields are in neighborhoods. Our neighbors deserve our respect and courtesy by not blocking driveways or littering. Please drive safely in the parking lots and around the playing fields.

8. Trash. The schools and parks do not clean up after us. Please pick up all trash and either dispose of it or carry it home with you. Parents in charge of refreshments should bring trash bags and take the trash bags home. Minimize your waste by bringing reusable water bottles.

9. Soccer is a team sport. Respect the coaches and teammates by getting your children to their games and practices on time (and picking up on time if you do not stay). Most coaches expect players to arrive 30-45 minutes in advance of the game for warm-ups.

10. Have fun. This is not the World Cup. College and pro scouts are not showing up at our games. Relax, take in the fresh air and enjoy the kids having a great time.