Spring Program Player Confirmation for Spring 2015



Welcome to the SM AYSO Region 20 Player Confirmation for All Star, Spring Extra, and Spring Select Teams.


This program is for continuing players selected to All Star, Spring Extra, and Spring Select teams only. 

 Information you will need to gather prior to registering:

  • Email address you used to register in the Region 20 registration system (inLeague) for the Fall program.   
  • Any changed information since Fall regarding you/your spouse's contact info, Medical Insurance Carrier, Doctor’s Contact Info, or Non-Parent Emergency Contact Info in case the parents are not reachable
  • Credit Card Number & Expiration Date  (VISA, Mastercard & DiscoverCard only)  
    If you have questions about other payment methods, please contact the Registrar.  

How To Register:

  • Once at the inLeague login screen, enter email address and password to login.
  • Select "Family Profile", which is located under the tab "My Account" of on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the "Post-Season Assignments" tab near the top of the new screen.
  • For each child participating on a tournament team, there will be a link entitled "Tournament Payment: Gxx-yy-Coach Name" (xx = age division, yy=team number). Select this link for each child (one at a time). That will take you to the payment screen where you can enter the payment information for each child (again - one at a time). For payment information refer to the top of the payment screen for the amount to be paid.
  • For those that did not play in the Turkey tournament (Spring uniforms are the same), you will need to purchase a uniform using the "Event Manager" link here:
  • Repeat for each child.

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Things to do after registering:

  • Look for a confirmation email showing proof of payment.  Players are not considered registered until this is received.
  • Print your Medical Release Form   More info
  • Purchase Optional Spring Select Spirit Wear     More info
  • Notify Your Team Manager of Your Volunteer Commitment    More info
  • Have fun!

If you have any questions regarding the Spring Program, please contact your team manager, or the Assistant Regional Commissioner for Spring.


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