U10G Shooting Stars Win Area 1P League Championship

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Wed, 04/27/2011

After a finishing a hard-fought regular season 8-0, the undefeated Shooting Stars earned the right to represent Santa Monica in Area 1P’s playoff after winning the League Playoffs in a shootout with Coach J P Lomonaco’s  outstanding team, The Raging Rabbits.  The teams were evenly matched, and The Shooting Stars Coach, Joe Facenda, noted their two toughest games of the season were against The Raging Rabbits.   

The Shooting Stars lost the draw going into the Area Playoffs and were forced to play a qualifying game due to an odd number of teams competing.  They won that game and then proceeded to win three more to earn the title and move their record to 16-0!  

Coach Joe Facenda attributed the girl’s continuing success to teamwork and a desire to have fun, “We have a complete range of talent and experience with three of our nine winners being in their first year of soccer.  The teamwork was most evident when in the second game after putting us up 1-0, our Assistant Coach Jerry Di Rienzo’s daughter, and 3rd leading scorer, was rushed to the hospital with a broken arm.    Her teammates continuously asked for updates while finishing that game and at the same time Jerry’s daughter was insisting on updates from her hospital bed.  The girls went out the next morning to win for their teammate who also made it out of the hospital in time to catch the championship game and motivate her teammates to a 1-0 victory against a very determined Pacific Palisades team.  This was one of the most special moments in my life as a father & coach.”

The Shooting Stars will represent Santa Monica and Area 1P in the Section Playoff February 26-27 in Riverside with teams as far east as Nevada and Arizona.

Team Manager:  Seta Kardashian

U10 Girls  The Shooting Stars
Lila Colo
Isabella Di Rienzo
Britney Facenda
Ines Flack
Olivia Freed
Sabrina Kardashian
Eva Nethercott
Giulia Trevellin
Janet Yang