Program Details - 2013

1. TEAMS AND AGE GROUPS: The Extra Program can be either one year or two year divisions. Subject to having sufficiently skilled players and coaches participating in the Extra program as well as compatible teams from other Area 1P Regions, SM AYSO anticipates the following divisions for both and girls :   

Age Guide for 2012-2013 Registration Year

Division Age Born Between
U-10 9 8/1/03 and 7/31/05
U-11 10 8/1/02 and 7/31/03
U-12 11 8/1/01 and 7/31/02
U-14 12 & 13 8/1/99 and 7/31/01

2. PARTICIPATION IN PRIMARY FALL AYSO PROGRAM: Players that participate in the AYSO Extra program will have the option of also participating in the primary Fall AYSO program. While attempts will be made to minimize conflicts, in the event a player participates in both programs and there is a conflict between the practices and/or games of these teams, the player MUST participate in the practice and/or game of the Primary Fall AYSO team.

3. COACHES: All coaches will be well-qualified volunteer AYSO coaches. For those interested in coaching an Extra team and understanding what is required of the coaches, see Coach Information.

4. PROFESSIONAL TRAINERS: In order to ensure that participants in the Extra Program will receive the best coaching possible, all Extra teams will be offered professional trainers who will work side-by-side with the team’s coaching staff at one of the two practices each week. Each trainer is an outstanding coach in his/her own right, with years of extensive playing and coaching experience with club, high school, and/or professional soccer. All of the trainers are experienced in working with youth soccer players of all ages, and all are Safe Haven-certified.


  • All Extra team players are required to participate in 2 regularly scheduled weeknight practices.
  • Please see Parent Commitments for practice attendance requirements.
  • Practices will generally run for 1.5 hours. However, depending on the age of the players, the coach and trainer’s preference, and field availability, practices may run longer or shorter.
  • Practices will be conducted by both the volunteer coaches as well as paid professional trainers.
  • Practice fields will be the same fields used in the Primary Fall AYSO program.

6.  GAMES:  During the Extra Fall season, the games will be played on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Home games will be played at Santa Monica fields while away games will be played at various hosting regions throughout Area 1P (Pacific Palisades to Hollywood) as well as neighboring Areas including the South Bay, San Fernando Valley and Camarillo. The Extra Fall League Season will conclude with a playoff tournament in January or early February. Outside of the Extra Fall League Season, Extra Teams may choose to participate in various tournaments at Thanksgiving and/or during the Spring Tournament Season, similar to other tournament teams.

7. COST:  To play on an Extra team, players must be registered for our 2013 season.  It is anticipated that participation in the Extra program will be $275 in addition to the cost of your Fall 2013 registration fees for the Primary Fall program. Cost to participate in the Extra program is comprised of hte following:

  • The regular season registration fee, the amount of which depends on when you signed up ($110 early bird, $150 pre-season, $190 post-July 1). Payment is made with your online registration.
  • A separate fee for the Extra program, which we anticipate to be $275.00 for the Fall season. This will cover additional field usage,  professional trainers, and an administrative fee to run the program (which will include a financial assistance reserve and Area 1P costs). Payment is due within three days of your acceptance.  Additional information on how to make this payment will be provided at a later date.
  • Spring related costs. The cost for Fall League Play, Thanksgiving Tournament, and Area 1P tournament are included in the costs above.
Fee Level Fall Registration Fee Extra Program
Fall Fee
Total (not including optional tourneys)
Early Bird $110 $275 $385
Pre-Season (through June 30) $150 $275 $425
Regular Season(after July 1) $190 $275 $465

At the conclusion of the Fall portion of the Extra season, Extra teams can choose to enter tournaments and additional costs will be determined by the number of tournaments attended. We anticipate the costs to be similar to the cost of of participating on a Spring tournament team.

8. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Financial assistance for Extra players will be available and, while a final policy has not been determined, it is anticipated that it  will be consistent with the policies for the primary program.

9. PARENT COMMITMENTS:  Please review Parent Commitments, which contains important information about the commitments parents are required to make to both the Extra and Primary programs. As with AYSO and Region 20 policies, all parents will be required to volunteer for their Extra team. In addition, each Extra team will be required to provide a certain number of volunteer hours in the primary Fall program.