Marine Park Practice Space

Two U7 or U8 teams on each field

Use only the time and space assigned.  In general, we've tried to allocate 1/2 a division's normal sized field for practices.

We've also tried to group teams together in case they want to run a scrimmage towards the end of practice.

Do not share the field with any NON-AYSO people.

We pay to have exclusive use of these fields.  Cone off your half-field upon arrival.

Only those teams/groups with permits for the specific time should be on the field. 

It's against our policies to allow others to play near us.

Be especially aware of possible baseball players who can present a potentially dangerous situation.

If anyone is having problems with other sports, school teams or other soccer teams, please notify the Division Commissioner and tell the City Park Rangers.
One U10 or U12 team on each field

City Park Rangers (Non-Emergency Police Number):  310-458-8491
2011 SM AYSO Exclusive Permit #26142
Hard copy posted in the green storage unit.

 Two U14, U16 or U19 teams sharing half the full-sized field