Fall Select Program


Every Sunday through the end of October.

(except Oct. 10)
U10s - 11:00am - 12:45pm
U12s - 1:00pm - 2:45pm
U14s - 3:00pm - 4:45pm


(Ocean Park and 16th St)

The Fall Select coaches will work with players on higher-level skills. 
They will also be organizing scrimmages against teams from other AYSO regions and club teams, based on availability.

Players will not be broken up into permanent teams as they were last year for Flex.  Instead, all coaches will be working with all the players in a rotating station format before breaking up to play scrimmage games at the end of practice.

SM AYSO is working to develop a year-round program for serious soccer players that provides some of the benefits of club soccer, but for a fraction of the price.

Our new Fall Select program kicked off Sunday, September 12 and will run until the end of October (except October 10 - Picnic in the Park).

In the beginning of November, we will announce Turkey teams for the Thanksgiving weekend tournaments.

In early December, we will announce Spring Select and All-Star teams that will work together and play tournaments from Christmas until June.

So for the stronger players who love the game and want to play more, we are putting together opportunities to work with our strongest coaches in a competitive environment from September until June.

 Remember the Flex Program we organized last year?  Fall Select is similar, but we think it will be an improvement.

Like Flex, Fall Select is designed to engage the strongest and most committed players to being practicing and playing together early in the season, and to scrimmage against like teams from other nearby regions or clubs, in order to better prepare them for the tough competition of the spring tournament season.

Unlike Flex, we will not be putting consistent teams together under one coach.  Instead, each division will have a group of Fall Select players and coaches who will work together and play matches on Sundays until the end of October.

Players' and coaches' first responsibility will be to their regular season team.  And no player can play Fall Select, Turkey, or Spring if they do not play and practice with their regular season team.

The Fall Select program is free to all players registered and playing in the regular fall season.  But it is important for parents, players, and coaches to note that if they commit to the Fall Select Program, it is expected that they will remain committed until the end of October when the Turkey Teams are selected.  Players that do not remain committed can be removed to make space for others.

All players who played on a spring select team earlier this year and are playing on a regular season fall team now in U10, U12, or U14 are automatically eligible.

In addition, all regular season coaches should recommend any of their players who they think have what it takes to play Fall and Spring Select.

Many of the Fall Select players will end up playing on our Turkey and Spring Tournament and All-Star Teams.  But players who do not play Fall Select will still be eligible for Turkey and/or Spring Teams.

If you have any additional questions about the program, shoot us an email.
Here's to another strong SM AYSO season in 2010-2011!!

Dribble, pass, shoot ... SHOOOT!!!

    Coach C                            Jeff Safrit                     
Head Coach                                    Asst. Regional Commissioner     
rca@ayso20.org                                     springchair@ayso20.org             

PLAYER REGISTRATION FORM:   The AYSO Player Registration Form is an official document that contains your emergency contact information and serves as a medical release form.  Please bring an original signed copy to the Fall Select Program..
ARTIFICIAL TURF NOTE:  JAMS is an artificial turf field.  No food or liquids other than water may be consumed on the field.  City monitors will report any violations which could jeopardize our ability to use the fields.  Please cooperate fully.