Come Support Our Sister City Soccer Today!

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Mon, 08/22/2011

A boys soccer team from Santa Monica's Japanese Sister City, Fujinomiya is in Santa Monica today.   They have been here for 4 days of cultural enrichment and soccer.  SM AYSO has been hosting soccer games, providing fields & referees for the games.  Come watch our final match today, Sunday, at 3PM at JAMS -  Fujinomiya v. SM AYSO (or a mixed game)

Please come out to welcome & support our friends from abroad, while enjoying some fantastic soccer.

Afterwards, come join the host families and players of both teams for a beach party.

Go directly from the soccer field down Ocean Park Blvd. and gather on the sand between lifeguard stations 26 & 27.  There is a public parking lot there.  Each family should bring towels or blankets to sit on and picnic food for their family members and students/players.  Or, if you prefer, Perry's is there for burgers and stuff.  The kids can swim or play on the beach.  It should be a nice infomal setting for an end to a whirlwind two days of soccer and fun.  Those of you familiar with the area know there are restrooms there and outdoor showers.

See you there!